Merton House
777 Camino Pescadero
Isla Vista CA 93117

The Merton House is our newest cooperative house. The location at 777 Camino Pescadero has a second-story Interfaith-themed cooperative communal house with shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The Interfaith theme is to serve as a legacy to the building's previous and only owner, the University Religious Conference, which had existed for several decades and used the 777 location for many years as a vibrant meeting space for student community life and interfaith dialogue and cooperation. The mission of the URC and SBSHC are very similar. SBSHC is privileged to have the opportunity to carry on the important work the URC has done for so many years. Downstairs will house the SBSHC Central Office, Board/Meeting Rooms, and Co-operative shared space. The house and board charges cover gas, electricity, water, trash, laundry, cable internet and a meal plan.

In addition to having a brand new house, Merton Residents are eligible for scholarships through UCSB's Financial Aid Office. Scholarships could be around $100-200 per month. In addition to these available scholarships, Merton House will receive about $10,000 annually to organize interfaith house and community events, dinners/potlucks, speakers, films and to send house members to interfaith related conferences.

In order to live at Merton House, members-owners must qualify as low-income. Income status will be verified using your previous years tax forms. For Independent students, the threshold for income is at around $42,400. If your parents claim you as a Dependent, then your income would include both yours and your parents. The thresholds, depending on household size, are below:

1-person household: $42,200
2-person household: $48,250
3-person household: $54,300
4-person household: $60,350
5-person household: $65,150
6-person household: $69,950
7-person household: $74,800
8-person household: $79,600

If you think you qualify and are interested, or if you have questions, please email

Click here to watch a video of Merton!