Biko House
6612 Sueno Rd
Isla Vista, CA 93117

Named after Stephen Bantu Biko, founder and martyr of the anti-apartheid Black Consciousness movement in South Africa, Biko is SBSHC's "People of Color" themed Co-op. The Biko house takes on the responsibility of maintaining a safe, respectful space for people of color in a predominantly white campus community, as well as spreading awareness about racial equality, social justice, anti- oppression, cultural awareness, social movements, and the need for intersectionality within the Isla Vista community and beyond.

The Biko house has twelve bedrooms and six bathrooms. Its kitchen is large and spacious, with industrial-strength cooking facilities and a stocked pantry. Biko has a mandatory meal plan that offers both meat and vegetarian options. The House charge includes gas, electricity, water, trash, and laundry, and internet.

The garage space out front functions as an all-purpose community space, or info- shop, that is open for organization meetings, musical and dance performances, art exhibitions, and workshops. The Biko Infoshop is run by donation only, and is run and operated by house members. If you are interested in booking an event at the garage, please email bikogarage @

Click here to watch a video of Biko!