Dashain House
6719 Sabado Tarde
Isla Vista, CA 93117

Dashain, formerly the "House of Seitan," is our vegetarian / vegan house. The house strives for ethical and cruelty-free food consumption, and buys organic produce from the local food cooperative and farmers’ markets.

Dashain maintains its own garden space out back, where residents can watch the sunset, build a bonfire, harvest homegrown kale or just chill in the ocean breeze. The kitchen, always warm and inviting, is a gathering place for Dashainians and friends — on a typical afternoon, you might find people listening to music, discussing social justice, or baking delicious vegan dessert.

The house has nine bedrooms and three bathrooms. Dashain has traditionally never had television in common space. The house and board charge covers water, trash, electricity, gas, cable internet, parking, laundry and a vegetarian meal plan.